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Vertical Garden Services

Our vertical garden designs offer unlimited possibilities for home owners to bring living greenery back into their lives.

A vertical garden or green wall allows you to transform any wall into an artistic, colourful and lush growing space. You can now grow a herb or vegetable garden near your kitchen, beautify indoor spaces and patio areas, create a welcoming entry statement for your home and hide those ugly fences and walls outdoors.

Our innovative, lightweight, vertical planters let plants breath and keeps walls dry. They are modular, so you can plant out small sections or fill entire walls.

Our landscaping service offers a sustainable solution to vertical gardening by designing and installing a reliable system and providing back-up assistance if required. This keeps long-term maintenance affordable and easy.

Minimum Size Requirements: 1.2m High X 2.4m Wide
Starting Price Approximately $6,000.00 Including Design & Installation

Our team can create a lush vertical garden of any size

Vertical Garden


Our experienced designers and horticulturalists can provide you with planting scheme that not only looks stunning but will also thrive in a vertical garden.

Vertical Garden


Our landscaping teams can complete the job quickly with our modular vertical garden system, you’ll be able to see progress immediately.

Vertical Garden

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  • Free consultation with every new project
  • Carefully planned planting schemes that will thrive
  • Quick and easy installation with immediate results

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A vertical garden that lasts a lifetime…

Our Vertical Gardens are automatically watered from the top and then follow a wick down to water each plant. Roots grow into moist synthetic felt so that all plants are watered equally. The felt is made from recycled plastic water bottles, a non-toxic nylon fibre that is tough and durable.

This amazing material provides a safe growing environment that is PH neutral and non-reactive, so you can garden organically right on your wall – it is even safe for vegetables and herbs. Roots grow right into the felt, which comes alive thanks to the microbiology in the soil.

Our Greenwall planter has a pleated-pocket design which makes it very easy for any gardener to remove any problem plants and tuck healthy starts into the existing pockets. It also allows caretakers to replace the dead foliage with thriving plants in the same vertical garden. Starting with a bio-diverse selection allows you to try many plants and minimize the failures. You simply add more of what works!

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