‘To Landscape, Or Not To Landscape?’

Creating a beautiful landscape around your home!

‘To landscape, or not to landscape?’

This is the question we ask ourselves when we have a new property, and maybe we are faced with a veritable desert, a barren waste with builder’s debris everywhere. Or you want to landscape an existing garden to suit you, and not the previous owners.

You need a landscape solution!

If we think through what landscaping is, it is creating an imitation of natural scenery. So a garden is an investment that not only beautifies, but also enhances your place.

It is important to be able to select and arrange plants that are suitable for the area you are gardening in. It could be around a residential or a commercial building. You need to be sure that what is selected will continue to grow comfortably in the area, and, of course, look good. Then you will get the best of your investment, and you will enjoy what has been created for you.

Where do you start? And who will do the work?


You start with a qualified landscaper from GROTEC! We will provide you with a design that will be suitable for the area, and will ensure a successful long term investment. There are just so many factors to consider – exposure to wind, type of soil, need for sun or shade, depth of plant and so on.

As well as the selection of the right plants, our qualified landscapers can add elements to personalise your design – your unique garden design. You might want to add paths – timber, concrete, pebbles; pots of different sizes and colours; decking, arches, pergolas, pools, fountains. There are so many options available that you definitely need assistance to select the extras that are right for you.

Fielding-26As an example, one of the popular designs at present is creating an outdoor dining room, centred around your barbecue. Our landscapers can provide you with options for pots, decking, plants, and the type of roofing needed. Once you are happy with all the elements in the design, our team will then work efficiently to complete the job in the shortest time possible.

As well, we provide a garden care service, giving you advice on the maintenance of the plants that you have chosen.

So, to answer the question – Yes! You definitely do need a qualified landscaper from GROTEC