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Project Description

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Paradise Waters Landscaping, Gold Coast

This contemporary home was surrounded on two sides by a massive pond which became a maintenance nightmare for our clients. A new deck and gardens were designed to replace the pond and provide a more useable space and pleasing outlook from within and around the home of this Paradise Waters landscaping project.

The residence at this Paradise Waters landscaping project was surrounded by a high-maintenance pond that wrapped its way around the front and side of the home. The decision was made by the clients to demolish the water feature and Grotec was called in to design a new deck and gardens to replace it. Another primary request was to create tall but low maintenance screening along the fence line to create some privacy. An existing raised garden bed was used to plant up the space with a special plant often used by the Design team and perfect for tall screening, it grows narrow enough to fit in the tightest of spaces. The images show the beginnings of what will become a private, usable and low maintenance space for the often travelling home owners.

Design Sue Bampton & Jarred Holland
Construction Alliance partner, Travis Lucas and his team