Beautiful, Innovative & Sustainable Landscape Design Solutions

If you’re unsure what you want, our landscape design team will help you decide.

We’ll take you through images in our landscape design and garden ideas portfolio which displays a variety of hard landscaping ideas and plant selections. We’ll soon figure out what you do and don’t like and help you to incorporate them into a landscape design plan.

Our Landscape Design Strategy

Our landscape design team use CAD (computer aided drawing) software and can quickly formulate a variety of layout options and garden design ideas for your consideration during the conceptual design stage.

Progressive plans along with colour images of hard landscaping ideas and suggested plants can be emailed for discussion throughout the landscape design process saving you time and money. Every new project begins with a no obligation consultation with one of our residential landscape design team who will discuss your specific requirements and assess your properties unique qualities.

landscape design gold coast

Concept Plan

Ideas for outdoor living, planting themes, colours, surfaces and finishes for all hard landscaping elements.

Landscape Design Plan Gold Coast

Detailed Plan

Defining ideas including hard landscape inclusions & specifications and an easy to follow garden planting plan.

Landscape Design Plan

3D Renders & Perspectives

A realistic and accurate picture of what your landscape design will look like once completed.

Our Landscape Design Process

Designing landscapes for customers since 1988

Our landscape designers can assist you with individual stages of your landscaping project or manage the entire process from design through to construction and the ongoing care of your gardens.

Our experience and passion for designing and planning everything outside the home from small courtyards through to large rural settings means that all projects regardless of size and budget are carefully considered and enthusiastically planned to achieve maximum potential and enjoyment.

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Grotec’s design and construction process

We understand that the prospect of renovating or starting with a blank canvas on a new property can be quite daunting, which is why we focus our attention on providing a high level of communication throughout the landscape design process.

Our consultation is a two-way conversation, we don’t impose our ideas, we listen and discuss what you like, what you need, and what you can afford.

If you don’t have a property survey and residence ground floor plan, we will liaise with a suitably qualified surveyor and assist on site to ensure property boundaries & fencing, site contours, floor levels for residence, pool, driveway, paths, retaining walls and any other elements that need to be recorded and mapped onto a survey plan.

This plan then allows our design team to create an accurate Base plan from which to begin our landscape design. This survey plan can also be kept as an official property document for future works and upon sale of property.

Creative ideas for hard landscaping elements including paths and surfaces, outdoor entertainment areas, pool, paving, tiling or decking, fencing & gates, water features and garden edging are prepared and further developed upon discussions with you.

Suggestions and Images of suggested plants and hard landscaping elements will be provided for your consideration. The Concept plan would be presented as a colourful 2D or 3D Rendered plan.

The Defining of Ideas and Specifications. A detailed landscape design plan will be prepared based on our discussions at the concept stage. Dimensions and Specifications for all hard landscaping elements will be presented on a Hard Landscape plan.

Specifications, Quantity and Images for all plants recommended will be presented on a Planting plan. This scaled plan can be used to source accurate quotations from associated trades involved.

A 3D rendered perspective drawing provides an accurate three-dimensional picture of what your design will look like upon completion. Multiple scenes can be created based on your requirements.

A live 3D Walk-thru allows you to walk around your property and get a general idea of the end result of your landscape design.

Upon completion of your landscape plan, our landscape designers can help you get your landscaping built by our qualified and experienced contracting teams.

We’ll introduce you to the most suitable tradespeople and suppliers, meet with them at your property and explain your design plan and landscaping scope of works.

Our landscaping teams prefer being involved with projects that have a carefully considered and drawn-up landscape plan to guide the overall works. There’s no guesswork which means time, services and supplies can be accurately costed and planned. These savings end up back in your pocket

The careful selection of qualified and experienced tradespeople is crucial for the success of any landscape project. Our facilitation service will eliminate all the stress and time wasted, meeting contractors, gathering quotes, checking qualifications and licenses, co-ordinating then supervising tradespeople to do the work.

We’ll match your requirements up with one or a variety of our highly skilled landscaping teams and they will provide you with a no obligation quotation. Our Design and Horticultural team will visit the project site as required to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the design intent throughout the construction process.

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