Creative Landscape Architects & Landscape Design Solutions

Our team of landscape architects, designers & horticulturists have been working alongside many of S.E.Qld’s highly regarded town planners, private certifiers, architects, builders and developers since 1995.

Since the beginning, our team of Landscape Architects and Designers have been committed to providing innovative and sustainable landscape design solutions for our clients. Project Sites are studied in depth with thorough client, consultant and design team interaction, to determine the most applicable and enduring commercial landscape design solutions to meet client goals and objectives.

Quick & Seamless Process

Our Landscape Architects together with the rest of our skilled and knowledgeable landscape solutions team can assist clients with the individual planning stages of a project or manage the entire process from design through to landscape construction and care.

Grotec’s team of skilled and creative Landscape Architects and Designers, use CAD (computer aided drawing) software, to quickly formulate a variety of layout options and ideas, for consideration at the conceptual design stage. Progressive plans with images of hard landscaping elements and suggested plants are emailed for discussion throughout the design process.

Gold Coast Landscape Architects

Landscape Intent Plan

A typical Statement of Landscape Intent explains and shows how a proposed development will merge into landscaping by way of a Design Concept. This plan identifies the rationale and intent for external spaces and landscape areas.

A Landscape Intent Plan or D.A. submission should focus broadly on issues of character, function and amenity and identify framework plant species for open space areas and road reserves.

Landscape Architects Gold Coast

Detailed Landscape Plan

A Detailed Landscape Plan and B.A. submission to council requires a detailed landscape design plan for all hard and soft landscape works associated with a development application.

Detailed Plans must contain sufficient information for construction works, associated maintenance activities and for checking by Council officers. All landscape works must be completed in accordance with an approved Detailed Landscape Plan.

Landscape Architects Gold Coast

3D Perspective Drawings

Being able to show clients and councils completed landscape designs before the soil has even been turned is now a reality.

Computer aided design (CAD) has revolutionized landscape design planning in terms of time saving and quality of presentation.

Our creative design team can prepare full colour realistic and rendered plans in 2D and 3D which is almost photographic quality.

Creative Landscape Architects & Landscape Design Services

Our Experience

Our landscape architects, Designers and Horticulturists have extensive experience dealing with local and interstate councils on:

  • Landscape Intent / BA Submissions
  • Detailed Landscape Plans / OPW & DA Submissions
  • Residential & Commercial Developments
  • Relevant Council Codes & Policy Compliances
    (and yes, delivered to you without delay!)

Commercial Projects

We can confidently provide landscaping and infrastructure planning solutions for:

  • Sub-Divisions
  • Hi-Rises
  • Multi-units
  • Duplex & Townhouse Developments
  • Industrial Complexes

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