Horticulture & Garden Care Services

Caring for plants in gardens is easy once you know how. When we design and build gardens for our clients, we are really keen to make sure newly introduced plants continue to grow and develop into strong, healthy specimens as time unfolds.

It has taken our horticulture team years of building and caring for gardens to understand specifically what tasks need to be carried out in which season, and which products and treatments to use to keep plants and soils thriving and in optimum health.

When our team completes a landscape design and construction project, our horticultural team prepares a seasonal maintenance schedule specially compiled for you and your garden to act as a guide for you and or assisting garden help . The maintenance guide offers advice on what to prune when, what to fertilise when and with what and how to deal with potential pests.

Our horticulture team can take care of your gardens

Grotec Landscape Solutions

Horticulture Experience

We all have good intentions to look after our garden, don’t we? Life gets too busy at times, things can get a little out of hand  and you may need some help to get things back on track. 

No problem! As part of our ongoing service, we have aligned ourselves with a terrific team of Garden Care specialists who can visit your garden on a quarterly basis and help you keep your plants happy, healthy and strong.

Importance of Healthy Soil

If you want a beautiful, healthy garden, you must pay attention to the soil foundation. If you can get this right, just about everything from then on will be a breeze. 

Our horticulturists apply a specially prepared soil improver bursting with millions of microbes, water granules, fertilizers and a whole list of other goodies which will kick start a fertile soil improvement process and produce amazing ongoing results.

Sit Back & Relax

What happens from here on is very satisfying to observe, plants start to grow healthy and strong, they flower or fruit more, edible gardens thrive and have limited pest infestations.

A bonus of adding live microbes to the soil is that we give life to millions of soil workers who continue to multiply and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week improving, aerating and fertilizing your soil foundation free of charge. 

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