Our Top Landscape Lighting Picks


Set the mood with your landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting provides safety and security around your home. Modern LED lighting is both functional and decorative for your landscape. Get Grotec to provide a detailed design of landscape lighting for you. LED means light emitting diode – an electrical component that converts electricity into light, giving lighting that

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Swimming Pool Design


A Creative Swimming Pool Design  is a welcome improvement to any garden. Create a resort style, tropical theme and turn your swimming pool into an oasis. Landscaping around the swimming pool will also create add a luxurious feel. There are a number of regulations for pool fencing that are required by Queensland law, you can find

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Backyard Ideas To Revive Your Garden


Everyone wants a great backyard. With these backyard ideas you can create a garden to be proud of. Your backyard should be the place where you can entertain, as well as the place that all the family can relax, whether that is just sitting, or perhaps tending the garden. Many people have great backyard ideas,

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An Australian Christmas Garden


Christmas Day will be in the garden, and it looks a treat. The Christmas garden is the place where we will all meet. The patio’s decorated, the barbecue's on, and we can’t wait to eat! For the population living on the Gold Coast, the temperature on 25 December 2016 will be between 19 and 27

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Outdoor Living in the Summertime


It's summertime – the king of all seasons for getting outdoors and living it up in your outdoor living room. The kids are on holiday, the beach beckons, your favourite ice cream is calling and outdoor living, dining and entertaining doesn't get any better than this. Australians have always “lived” outdoors and the concept of

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Easy and Functional Patio Trends


Your summer guide to patio living Patio is a Spanish word, meaning ‘an inner court open to the sky’ This has evolved into patios that are roofed, and generally have open sides. To greatly enhance your property by increasing the living space available, a patio is the answer. Our tropical climate means you will use

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Water Garden Ideas and Lifestyle


Creative Water Garden Ideas If you're looking for some inspirational garden ideas to incorporate into your outdoor living area then check out this video!! These Water Garden ideas will change the way you look and think about your outdoor area and may inspire you to consider adding some water to your lifestyle!! Water gardens transform

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Creating Stylish Patios and Porches – Inspirational Ideas


Porches and Patios should set the scene for the style, colours and feel of your home. Does your porch offer welcoming first impressions? The porch sets up the feel and styling of the home, it expresses your personality and should offer a welcoming feeling to visitors. The tone you set at the front door should

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Courtyard Garden Inspiration


A Courtyard garden is the perfect solution for our smaller Gold Coast properties. Just because you have a small courtyard garden that doesn't mean it can’t be a beautiful, stylish outdoor living space. There are so many creative and inspirational ways to create your own special place at your home. Your courtyard garden can be your

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Pool Landscaping


Who doesn't love a pool? Cool and refreshing in the warm weather months, pools are a natural focal point and gathering place for your family and friends. But wonderful as they are to lounge and play in, pools are not always aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A concrete slab with a hole in it can be

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