Our Top Landscape Lighting Picks


Set the mood with your landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting provides safety and security around your home. Modern LED lighting is both functional and decorative for your landscape. Get Grotec to provide a detailed design of landscape lighting for you. LED means light emitting diode – an electrical component that converts electricity into light, giving lighting that

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Gold Coast High-Rise Gardens


The popularity of Gold Coast high-rise gardens is increasing. With these green additions, there is the potential to change our cityscapes. The creation of Gold Coast high-rise gardens for roof tops or balconies will need advice on regulations. There are two types of roof top gardens – roof landscaped, or container gardens, both of which need

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Modern Garden Design


Modern garden design focuses on texture and strong geometry. Textures are reflected in hardscape and planting with modern garden design. Simple, sleek materials and bold plantings also have a large role to play. A modern garden design is organised around outdoor rooms, and the provision of textures that blend with the boundary lines of the scenery beyond. Neutral tones

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Growing a Cottage Garden on the Gold Coast


A cottage garden brings memories of ‘olde English‘ gardens. The design of a cottage garden is small and compact, brimming with flowers. Even in sub-tropical areas, a cottage garden can be created with careful plant selection. The success of your cottage garden will depend on your plant selection, and your understanding of the prevailing conditions and microclimate of

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Swimming Pool Design


A Creative Swimming Pool Design  is a welcome improvement to any garden. Create a resort style, tropical theme and turn your swimming pool into an oasis. Landscaping around the swimming pool will also create add a luxurious feel. There are a number of regulations for pool fencing that are required by Queensland law, you can find

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How To Brainstorm A Garden Layout


A garden layout needs to consider different uses of areas. Begin by showing an indoor-outdoor flow with the use of a deck or patio. Different types of gardens and linking paths should also be included in the garden. When considering your garden layout in our sub-tropical climate, identify areas of sun and shade throughout the day,

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Contemporary Garden Design


Contemporary Garden Design embraces ‘the sleek’ look. You can enhance your patio, making it an extension of your home, with a contemporary garden design. Contemporary garden design should be friendly, inviting and personalised. The indoor – outdoor flow in contemporary garden design shows a minimalist use of elements, (plants, pots, paving) with essential lighting, which is

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Japanese Garden Design


A Japanese garden design aims to bring peace and tranquillity. This Japanese garden celebrates the natural environment. Essential elements of a Japanese garden design are stones, water, and plants. There are three different styles of Japanese garden design, all of which aim to recreate the natural scenery. The variations in these styles comes from the

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Landscape Designer of the Year Award


Congratulations to our Director and Head Designer, Sue Bampton - Landscape Designer of the Year! This year Sue received the 2016 Landscape Designer of the Year Award from Build. We are all incredibly proud of Sue and everything she has done for this company. Thank you to Build for the beautiful trophy and for recognising

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Simply Stunning Garden Edging Ideas


From natural plants to timber sleepers, we have a variety of awesome garden edging ideas! Your garden centre or hardware store will have a large range of garden edging ideas and materials. Decide which of these garden edging ideas suit you best, and Grotec can help. There is such a wide range of products that

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