Plant Nutrients


Soil & Plant Nutrients and their value in your garden. Following on from Weeds & Water, one of the biggest sources of Plant and Soil Nutrients come from Soil, the nutrients in the soil allow the plants to develop strong roots, have a healthy growth rate, and combat diseases and pests. The three primary Plant

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Summer Garden Maintenance: Weeds & Water


HUMANS HAVE HEARTS, PLANTS HAVE ROOTS & WEEDS WANT EVERYTHING. For the first post of 2018, we will consider two of the biggest issues in everyone’s garden around this time of year, Weeds and Water. Most people will water their garden 2-3 times a week, favouring the frequent & quick watering of the plants and

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Preparing For Summer Gardening


It's already November so we need to chat about summer gardening. One of the biggest challenges we will all face this summer is keeping our gardens healthy, happy and adequately watered. If your soil is typically sandy/silty in texture with minimal organic matter then it will repel and or leach water and your plants will

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Growing a Vertical Herb Garden on a Budget


How to grow a Vertical Herb Garden without breaking the budget. Creating your own vertical herb garden doesn’t have to break your budget, or your back. Grotec is here with a simple and easy way to explain to you, the what, why and how of a vertical herb garden. There are so many perks and advantages of having

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Creating a Vertical Succulent Garden


Would you like to have a colourful, drought resistant, Vertical Succulent Garden? These beautiful living intricate creations tend to go unnoticed due to their infamous family friend – the cactus. Although succulents are just as hardy as cacti, they offer a more diverse range of colours, shapes, sizes and textures depending on your preferred design

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Bold Ideas For Your Subtropical Autumn Garden


The Autumn Garden can create bold landscapes. With summer’s heat passed it's time to get your hands dirty. In the sub-tropics, this season is the time of maximum natural growth. Proximity to the equator dictates which plants will thrive in your autumn garden. The sub-tropical climate zone has one of the largest range of plants and most

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Natural Pest Control Methods


The natural pest control methods to outsmart garden pests!  Summer is the season when pests can be a real problem in the garden. Instead of using those toxic off the shelf chemicals, lets consider a simple garden maintenance routine that will get on top of pests effectively and naturally. But first, I wanted to help

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Organic Vegetable Gardening


Organic Vegetable Gardening Grow your own fresh and healthy organic vegetables. Organic Vegetable Gardening is the best way to grow some of your favourite vegetables and herbs at home. You don't need a huge backyard to grow a vegetable garden. Find a sunny spot in your yard or on your balcony and you are ready

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The Economical Alternative to Natural Grass


Is it time to say 'Good-bye' to your lawn mower? An Economical Alternative to Natural Grass is Fake or Artificial Grass: You just Spread It and Forget It. Have you considered the Benefits? You hate mowing the lawn, but what can you do? The grass grows and never stops until the winter. Even then, it seems

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