Backyard Ideas To Revive Your Garden


Everyone wants a great backyard. With these backyard ideas you can create a garden to be proud of. Your backyard should be the place where you can entertain, as well as the place that all the family can relax, whether that is just sitting, or perhaps tending the garden. Many people have great backyard ideas,

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Outdoor Living in the Summertime


It's summertime – the king of all seasons for getting outdoors and living it up in your outdoor living room. The kids are on holiday, the beach beckons, your favourite ice cream is calling and outdoor living, dining and entertaining doesn't get any better than this. Australians have always “lived” outdoors and the concept of

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Beautiful Front Garden Ideas


Front Garden Ideas to increase your Curb Appeal Your front garden should say 'Welcome to my Home!' The layout of your front garden should increase curb appeal. Look at the your front of your home and think – can I make this better? The way the front of your house looks provides ‘the face’ of your

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Water Garden Ideas and Lifestyle


Creative Water Garden Ideas If you're looking for some inspirational garden ideas to incorporate into your outdoor living area then check out this video!! These Water Garden ideas will change the way you look and think about your outdoor area and may inspire you to consider adding some water to your lifestyle!! Water gardens transform

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Garden Design Gold Coast – Small Spaces


Garden Design Gold Coast - Dealing with Small Spaces As houses get bigger and properties smaller, it becomes more challenging to create compact, visually beautiful gardens able to soften and screen fences and hard structures. The garden is the crowning glory of every home and transforming it into a low maintenance, usable and attractive space

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Creating Stylish Patios and Porches – Inspirational Ideas


Porches and Patios should set the scene for the style, colours and feel of your home. Does your porch offer welcoming first impressions? The porch sets up the feel and styling of the home, it expresses your personality and should offer a welcoming feeling to visitors. The tone you set at the front door should

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Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces


Got a small garden in need of some work? Then we've got the perfect garden design ideas for you! If you have a small place in your garden that you'd like to transform into a special place for relaxation and enjoyment, consider these basic garden design ideas to help you get started! Just like creating a

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How to Make your own Terrarium


Have you ever wanted to create a terrarium but not sure where to start? In this article we’ll guide you on how to create your own Terrarium! Terrariums are getting more and more popular these days and popping up all over the place. They retail from $35+ in stores if you want to buy one,

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Courtyard Garden Inspiration


A Courtyard garden is the perfect solution for our smaller Gold Coast properties. Just because you have a small courtyard garden that doesn't mean it can’t be a beautiful, stylish outdoor living space. There are so many creative and inspirational ways to create your own special place at your home. Your courtyard garden can be your

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Pots and Planters


Round, square, small, large, classic or creative – there are so many options for pots and planters, whether alone or as part of a container garden. Garden stores carry a wide variety of containers in different styles, colours and materials. Combine pots of different heights and shapes for an attractive container garden. If you like the

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