Garden Makeover – 7 Easy Steps to Transform your Garden


With Spring just around the corner it is time to start planning your next Garden Makeover! If your maintenance routine is a bit haphazard and as a result your garden is looking tired and in need of a garden makeover then this article is for you.   We've all seen those beautiful healthy gardens that

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Autumn Garden Ideas


Autumn is a great time to come up with some new landscaping inspiration Here are a few Autumn garden ideas to get you started... Autumn is an exciting and busy season and my favourite time of the year to come up with fresh landscaping and Autumn garden ideas. It is a time when you can look at your

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Landscaping Gold Coast Style


Landscaping Gold Coast Style The Secret to a beautiful garden revealed! This article is for particularly for those of you who own and manage a garden or are planning on landscaping Gold Coast Style properties. It is, however relevant for all gardeners across the planet, as we all face the same challenge - A less

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