Organic Composting


Grotec's Green Guide to Organic Composting for Beginners In the gardening world there are old rumours digging around about Organic Composting being too complicated, smelly and very messy. It is, well, only if you do it the wrong way. There are many types of composting, however they have the same goal, to feed the valuable

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Spring Gardening Tips


Early Spring Gardening Tips to prepare you for Spring Following on from Natural Plant Disease Treatments and Common Plant Diseases in your garden, we will be talking about how plants are transitioning into Spring and what steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of the flowering season. Do Plants Hibernate? All around

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Natural Plant Disease Treatments


Prevention, Protection and Using Natural Plant Disease Treatments In today’s article we will be following on from the previous post, 5 Common Plant Diseases in your Garden and discussing Natural Plant Disease Treatments and what Prevention Methods are available along with a few extra steps that you could take to change the way your garden

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Common Plant Diseases in Your Garden


5 Common Plant Diseases In the previous articles we talked about Natural Pest Controls for Plants and how you can identify, treat and prevent an infestation of Slugs & Snails. For the first article of June, we will be covering Common Plant Diseases in Your Garden. In the following article will be the best treatment

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Slugs & Snails


Identifying, Treating and Preventing Slugs & Snails In the last article we talked about Insects & Mites and the ways you can identify their pest activity and treat these critters without harming your garden. In this article we will cover how to identify, treat and prevent Slugs & Snails. Gastropods – This class in the

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Plant Nutrients


Soil & Plant Nutrients and their value in your garden. Following on from Weeds & Water, one of the biggest sources of Plant and Soil Nutrients come from Soil, the nutrients in the soil allow the plants to develop strong roots, have a healthy growth rate, and combat diseases and pests. The three primary Plant

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Summer Garden Maintenance: Weeds & Water


HUMANS HAVE HEARTS, PLANTS HAVE ROOTS & WEEDS WANT EVERYTHING. For the first post of 2018, we will consider two of the biggest issues in everyone’s garden around this time of year, Weeds and Water. Most people will water their garden 2-3 times a week, favouring the frequent & quick watering of the plants and

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Preparing For Summer Gardening


It's already November so we need to chat about summer gardening. One of the biggest challenges we will all face this summer is keeping our gardens healthy, happy and adequately watered. If your soil is typically sandy/silty in texture with minimal organic matter then it will repel and or leach water and your plants will

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Natural Pest Control Methods


The natural pest control methods to outsmart garden pests!  Summer is the season when pests can be a real problem in the garden. Instead of using those toxic off the shelf chemicals, lets consider a simple garden maintenance routine that will get on top of pests effectively and naturally. But first, I wanted to help

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