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Outdoor Living in the Summertime


It's summertime – the king of all seasons for getting outdoors and living it up in your outdoor living room. The kids are on holiday, the beach beckons, your favourite ice cream is calling and outdoor living, dining and entertaining doesn't get any better than this. Australians have always “lived” outdoors and the concept of

Outdoor Living in the Summertime2017-11-13T05:05:22+10:00

Natural Pest Control Methods


The natural pest control methods to outsmart garden pests!  Summer is the season when pests can be a real problem in the garden. Instead of using those toxic off the shelf chemicals, lets consider a simple garden maintenance routine that will get on top of pests effectively and naturally. But first, I wanted to help

Natural Pest Control Methods2017-11-13T05:05:22+10:00

Beautiful Front Garden Ideas


Front Garden Ideas to increase your Curb Appeal Your front garden should say 'Welcome to my Home!' The layout of your front garden should increase curb appeal. Look at the your front of your home and think – can I make this better? The way the front of your house looks provides ‘the face’ of your

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Easy and Functional Patio Trends


Your summer guide to patio living Patio is a Spanish word, meaning ‘an inner court open to the sky’ This has evolved into patios that are roofed, and generally have open sides. To greatly enhance your property by increasing the living space available, a patio is the answer. Our tropical climate means you will use

Easy and Functional Patio Trends2017-11-13T05:05:22+10:00

Landscape Designer of the Year Award


Congratulations to our Director and Head Designer, Sue Bampton - Landscape Designer of the Year! This year Sue received the 2016 Landscape Designer of the Year Award from Build. We are all incredibly proud of Sue and everything she has done for this company. Thank you to Build for the beautiful trophy and for recognising

Landscape Designer of the Year Award2017-03-17T10:26:20+10:00

Simply Stunning Garden Edging Ideas


From natural plants to timber sleepers, we have a variety of awesome garden edging ideas! Your garden centre or hardware store will have a large range of garden edging ideas and materials. Decide which of these garden edging ideas suit you best, and Grotec can help. There is such a wide range of products that

Simply Stunning Garden Edging Ideas2017-11-13T05:05:22+10:00

Water Garden Ideas and Lifestyle


Creative Water Garden Ideas If you're looking for some inspirational garden ideas to incorporate into your outdoor living area then check out this video!! These Water Garden ideas will change the way you look and think about your outdoor area and may inspire you to consider adding some water to your lifestyle!! Water gardens transform

Water Garden Ideas and Lifestyle2017-11-13T05:05:22+10:00

‘To Landscape, Or Not To Landscape?’


Creating a beautiful landscape around your home! ‘To landscape, or not to landscape?’ This is the question we ask ourselves when we have a new property, and maybe we are faced with a veritable desert, a barren waste with builder’s debris everywhere. Or you want to landscape an existing garden to suit you, and not the

‘To Landscape, Or Not To Landscape?’2017-11-13T05:05:22+10:00

Landscape Architects Gold Coast


Landscape Architects Gold Coast - Assisting developers across S.E. Qld Grotecs landscape architects Gold Coast have been assisting developers, builders and residential home owners with their landscape design plan requirements since 1988. Here’s 5 GOOD REASONS to try Grotec landscape architects Gold Coast:- EXPERIENCE - We have the knowledge and skills needed to get the

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Garden Design Gold Coast – Small Spaces


Garden Design Gold Coast - Dealing with Small Spaces As houses get bigger and properties smaller, it becomes more challenging to create compact, visually beautiful gardens able to soften and screen fences and hard structures. The garden is the crowning glory of every home and transforming it into a low maintenance, usable and attractive space

Garden Design Gold Coast – Small Spaces2017-11-13T05:05:22+10:00