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How to Display & Use Art in the Garden


Art in the Garden is a personal choice and can be displayed in lots different ways in and around your home. This article will help you to understand how to display and use Art in the garden. Gardens that introduce Art are the result of a thoughtful partnership between art and nature. Neither element should

How to Display & Use Art in the Garden2020-02-06T16:16:59+10:00

Preparing For Summer Gardening


It's already November so we need to chat about summer gardening. One of the biggest challenges we will all face this summer is keeping our gardens healthy, happy and adequately watered. If your soil is typically sandy/silty in texture with minimal organic matter then it will repel and or leach water and your plants will

Preparing For Summer Gardening2017-11-13T05:05:20+10:00

Growing a Vertical Herb Garden on a Budget


How to grow a Vertical Herb Garden without breaking the budget. Creating your own vertical herb garden doesn’t have to break your budget, or your back. Grotec is here with a simple and easy way to explain to you, the what, why and how of a vertical herb garden. There are so many perks and advantages of having

Growing a Vertical Herb Garden on a Budget2017-11-13T05:05:20+10:00

Creating a Vertical Succulent Garden


Would you like to have a colourful, drought resistant, Vertical Succulent Garden? These beautiful living intricate creations tend to go unnoticed due to their infamous family friend – the cactus. Although succulents are just as hardy as cacti, they offer a more diverse range of colours, shapes, sizes and textures depending on your preferred design

Creating a Vertical Succulent Garden2017-11-13T05:05:20+10:00

Green Wall Types To Enhance Your Garden


A living green wall or vertical garden can beautify and enhance your personal environment. A green wall can be positioned and built in or outdoors to soften and screen ugly walls and fences. You can create a dramatic, artistic and colourful visual statement with a green wall that can be portable or fixed. There are

Green Wall Types To Enhance Your Garden2017-11-13T05:05:20+10:00

Our Top Landscape Lighting Picks


Set the mood with your landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting provides safety and security around your home. Modern LED lighting is both functional and decorative for your landscape. Get Grotec to provide a detailed design of landscape lighting for you. LED means light emitting diode – an electrical component that converts electricity into light, giving lighting that

Our Top Landscape Lighting Picks2017-11-13T05:05:20+10:00

Flower Bed Ideas


Winter is the perfect time to start looking for flower bed ideas. Big or small, it's time to start to conceptualise, create and construct. These flower bed ideas will help you get started. There are many different shapes and styles of flower beds, paths, borders, and lawn areas, and these should fit with the surrounding

Flower Bed Ideas2017-11-13T05:05:21+10:00

Planning A Garden


Planning a garden is an exciting and satisfying thing to do. Winter is the perfect time to plan your garden. It's time to put pen to paper and get planning! When planning a garden you have an opportunity to harmonise the exterior and interior style and colours of your home with a selected garden theme.

Planning A Garden2017-11-13T05:05:21+10:00

Creating a Subtropical Flower Garden


A subtropical flower garden will be lush, and textured. These subtropical flower garden ideas will blend with your home, and add to the indoor/outdoor flow. Native plants in the subtropical flower garden are generally drought resistant. As well as lush, the subtropical flower garden can be fragrant, and, importantly, be low maintenance. The creation of a

Creating a Subtropical Flower Garden2017-11-13T05:05:21+10:00

Gold Coast High-Rise Gardens


The popularity of Gold Coast high-rise gardens is increasing. With these green additions, there is the potential to change our cityscapes. The creation of Gold Coast high-rise gardens for roof tops or balconies will need advice on regulations. There are two types of roof top gardens – roof landscaped, or container gardens, both of which need

Gold Coast High-Rise Gardens2017-11-13T05:05:21+10:00