5 Easy Spring Garden Maintenance Tasks

Achieving the perfect spring garden has never been this easy!

With these 5 to-do’s you’ll have your spring garden under control in no time…

Spring is in the air – and your garden knows it too! As the soil warms up and days grow longer, it’s wonderful to watch plants come back to life after their winter rest. Spring is a productive and rewarding garden maintenance season and many plants will be starting to look their absolute best.

Lets consider 5 Easy Tasks for your garden maintenance routine this Spring.
If you’re a keen gardener, there’s a lot you can do now to get your garden flourishing in the growth seasons ahead. Autumn is the best time to re think the plants in your garden but its still not too late to consider your plants and a garden maintenance routine.

To begin, simply, remove what’s not working and introduce new plants that will. Plants introduced into a rich, fertile soil will respond quickly and provide added structure, privacy and colour in no time at all. If your garden needs some rejuvenating consider these hints and tips.

Here are 5 Top Tasks for your spring garden maintenance activities:

Fertilise your garden; Feed absolutely everything! Keep a look out for premium quality bagged compost to enrich your soil and premium organic based, general purpose fertilizers (slow release if possible) to feed and strengthen your spring garden plants, lawn and soil.

Prune your spring bloomers immediately after their show is over then feed to encourage healthy new growth. If you haven’t already, trim winter damaged leaves from perennials so their fresh, new spring growth can come through. And don’t forget to sharpen and dis-infect your tools before and after garden maintenance and pruning.


Pests are increasing in numbers now and soon they’ll be out in force! Clearly, Spring is the season to get pests under control before they become a major problem. While some insects are a problem in the garden, others are great friends and it’s important to be able to tell the good guys from the bad. Use safe, eco-friendly products in your garden maintenance routine that only target the specific pests you want to control.

Lawns are now ready for you to get stuck into! This is the ideal spring garden maintenance time to rejuvenate your lawn and get it looking it’s very best. Simply scrape away any excess growth with a steel rake and aerate your lawn with a pitch fork. Patch any holes by pegging down matching runners or by sowing grass seed. Apply water granules if the soil is dry and not absorbing moisture evenly and fertilize with a quality product.

Weeds are springing up in lawns and gardens right now, so deal with them now before they get out of control. There are some eco friendly products available which keep weeds under control or another great idea is to put thick sheets of newspaper down under a layer of mulch to stop invasive weeds from germinating.

Man spreading cypress mulch in a flower garden to conserve moisture

Now that should keep you busy for a while!

If you don’t have the time or the energy to take care of your garden, then it’s worth talking to an experienced horticulturist or qualified and trained garden maintenance professional by saving you lots of time and money and providing you with sound advice.

If you want a beautiful healthy garden, consider your garden maintenance routine carefully for all the seasons of the year.